Top best drone camera india 2020-21

MOTA Pro Live-5000 FPV Drone – One Touch Landing and Take Off Feature, HD Video with Live Stream Bullet Points

  • All-new 6 rotor Y-Axis build, Pro Live-5000 functions include advanced One-Touch take-off and landing technology, live stream function reimagines service industries like surveillance, remote inspection, specialized training in outdoor sports and more
  • Mobile Integration – Our Pro Live-5000’s uses radio to stream, allowing for a seamless transition for businesses to begin using drones, adds to its reputation as a cost effective power quadcopter capable of streamlining industrial labor
  • Smaller than a piece of paper – Get a better view of tight spaces such as pipelines or ceiling areas of corporate offices. Industrial grade 360 mAh Lithium Battery gives this drone 6-7 mins of flight with video, and with a control range of up to 100 feet
  • Remote inspection using drones promotes safety and increases productivity. Personal trainers can help his or her trainee get a better idea of how to improve form. Coaches can take advantage of the bird’s eye views of team plays and perfect strategies
  • Package includes one rechargeable, manufacturer does not sell individual batteries, although there may be 3rd party batteries available. We recommend a pre-flight check as prompted through the manual to ensure proper flight. Camera view corners may be obstructed by propellers



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