Best Canon DSLR camera India 2020-21

  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS Sensor with 24.1 MP (high resolution for large prints and image cropping)
  • ISO: 100-6400 sensitivity range (critical for obtaining grain-free pictures, especially in low light)
  • Image Processor: DIGIC 4+ with 9 autofocus points (important for speed and accuracy of autofocus and burst photography)
  • Video Resolution: Full HD video with fully manual control and selectable frame rates (great for precision and high-quality video work)
  • Connectivity: WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth built-in (useful for remotely controlling your camera and transferring pictures wirelessly as you shoot)
  • Lens Mount: EF-S mount compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses (crop-sensor mount versatile and compact, especially when used with EF-S lenses)
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Photography Careers – Be a Professional Photographer

Talking about photography careers, photography has a very broad sense. Various kinds of people especially enjoyed and interesting the type of photography. Some people there who make it a hobby, however some people make it as a source of income or a photography careers.


Doing something you like or a hobby is the most fun thing in photography. Learn, practice and practice continuously is the main base to become a professional photographer. Camera is a major weapon for photographing, does not really matter what brand from your camera. However, the most important is the person behind the camera that will determine if your camera can produces good quality picture or not. this is the early photography careers


Try to see, today more and more Camera Digital and DSLR camera on the market with an affordable price with mega pixel quality and competing in many brands. But you need to remember that it does not necessarily make you a photographer. Photography careers are not easy imagined.


You still have to put yourself out, participate in community, learning from the e-book of photography, all of it to broaden your skills. There are a few how to start a photography careers, such as:

Photography careers  – started with nature photography

Started with Photography careers to shooting picture the natural beauty is a very fun activity, natural beauty and natural atmosphere can you capture with your camera. But you as well have to pay attention and learn the situation and conditions around the nature so you can shoot picture with better photo results, Nature photography same as Wildlife Photography


Photography Careers – Started with journalistic photographer

Photo journalists search for news is an activity in the form of photographs which will be informed to the public through the mass media or other media. You can sell the photo to the local newspaper or other mass media. Photography careers as a photo journalist offering a satisfactory income.


Photography Careers – with a Wedding Photographer

Photography careers being a wedding photographer is a challenge. However,  Some people choose a career as a wedding photographer, is where you can interacting with people to promote yourself as a photographer for your photographycareers. The key points in this sacred event must not be missed by your photo as the photo of the groom, the reception hall, family photos, wedding rings, etc..


In this place you can capture crucial moment anda helped couples to capture precious memories that may only happen once in a lifetime. The fee as wedding photographer is quite lucrative depending on the image quality that you generate. The better the photo you greater the financial rewards you will get. You can start your photography careers here

Photography Careers – Fashion & Model Photographer

From the name it is clear that the primary object of the Model Photography is the “humans” to displays something. The basic technique models photograph almost the same as photographing other object. Photography Careers as a model photographer is not difficult, however some things you need to consider when photographing models or humans are:


– Make sure the condition models are in good health


– Costume and make-up used


– Location shooting


– Lighting


– Angle and composition and communication


Photography Careers – With Children Photography

Photography is very unique Photography careers, photographing children is almost the same as photographing a model. If you do not or not have children, you do not worry. You can visit the park to take pictures the children or the children of the neighbors invite you to play in the park. Start with your camera shooting children in different types of angle.

You can shoot picture a lot of other kids. By requesting their parents if you want to take pictures of their children are playing. Inform their parents that you will print the results of the photos. give the results of the best photos to their parents. Make a short writing about your contact details behind the photo. Do not be shy to do it, it will not be a lot of making a profit at the time, but your actions will first bring you to a good  photography careers.


To succeed in the photography careers, you do not need to do all of the above. Now, in period is very easy to promote photo results, you can post them online You can benefit achieved a photography careers in here.

Career Opportunities in Fashion Photography 

Careers in fashion photography exude glamour and capture a bit of the exotic. Many aspire for this career path but only few are able to summon the drive and willpower to put their talents to the test. A photography degree can help you as your climb the mountain on your way to a fashion photography career. Getting to the summit, however, requires far more than just a photography degree. The lessons learned at school are just as important as the degree earned. Quality instruction provided by trained industry professionals can be that boost you need to reach the top of the world. This type of molding can be found at an accredited art institution.

Art schools typically have the same common goal of bringing together artistic professionals and imparting their knowledge and expertise onto the next generation of bright aspiring artists. This fosters a mentor/protégé atmosphere were young hopefuls study at the feet of established artists. The experiences shared and the lessons impart go a long way in bolstering the chances of success for a fresh faced acolyte of the arts.

Careers in fashion photography can transport you to exotic locales. Standing on the French Riviera, gazing over vast rugged expanses of the Swiss Alps or sunning it up on a sandy Italian beach are all destinations for a fashion photographer. However, fashion photography is more than just one long vacation. It takes hard work and a drive that can leave many sitting on the sidelines.

Nevertheless, obtaining a photography degree can steel you as you embark on this career path. Make sure, however, this degree is from a leader in art education with a strong emphasis towards hands on training. Achieving a degree, no matter what field of study, is not an easy task that can be done on the fly. Still, going through all these steps can help realize your dreams. The work put in to this brings you a step closer to living your passion. Help yourself get ahead by receiving quality training from established professionals. Put yourself ahead of the pack by attending an accredited art school.


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